Primary Schools One-Day Tournaments
Results 2019


The results of the tournaments will be added here after the tournaments have been played.

The tournaments are listed below in reverse chronological order (the most recent at the top).

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Illawarra District (Wollongong)

Riverina Region 3 (Griffith)

Riverina Region 2 (Albury)

Riverina Region 1 (Wagga Wagga)



Explanation:  The results of most (but not all) of the tournaments are shown in two parts: Standings and Cross Table.

  • Standings: the three columns (where present) headed "Buch.", "M-Buch." and "Progr." are tie-break scores.
    "Buch." (Buchholz) is the sum of the opponents' scores;
    "M-Buch." (Median Buchholz) is the sum of the opponents' scores leaving out the highest and lowest scoring opponents;
    "Progr." (Progress) is sum of the team's progress scores after each round.
    Tie-breaks are used to determine second and third places (for trophies), and also for first place if a play-off cannot be arranged. The order used is Median Buchholz, Progress, then Buchholz.-

  • Cross Table: the round-by-round details shown for each team are the opposing team number followed by the score against that team.