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Draw and Results

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Submission of Results

Submit your results by clicking on the link below (a userid and password are required these have been sent to each school's chess coordinator).


Online Scoring System


The online scoring system has been developed for us by the Sydney Academy of Chess.

Entry of Players' Names:  Before players take part in the competition their names should be entered in the online scoring system so that their results can be recorded.

How to Enter Players' Names


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[4 May]:  The draw for Blacktown Division BL6 has been updated..

[2 May]:  The draws for Lower North Shore Divisions LN1 and LN4 have been updated.

[28 April]:  The draw for Parramatta Division PA2 has been updated.

[28 April]:  The draw for Upper North Shore Division UN5 has been updated..

[28 April]:  The draws for East Coast Divisions EC1 to EC5 have been updated..

[27 April]:  The competition material (booklets, etc.) has been posted to all schools in weekly home-and-away zones. It will be sent to schools in one-day zones shortly before the date of their competition..

[25 April]:  The draws for all zones held in weekly home-and-away format are now available these zones will start on Friday 5 May. The zones which are held in one-day format are being scheduled and the schools which have entered will be advised. Their draws will be provided shortly before they are held.

Further Information

 How to Read the Draw

Rationale behind the Draw

School Contact Details
(includes school addresses)

Scorers (for each zone)

Match Result Sheet
(for weekly zones)
(2 per page)

Team Result Sheet
(for one-day zones)

Adjudication Form

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