Metropolitan Secondary Schools Competition
Draw and Results 201

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Two formats are available:

  • Draw only in pdf format designed for printing on a single two-sided sheet which may then be folded to A5 size as an insert for the competition booklets distributed to schools.

  • Draw and Results in spreadsheet format showing one division at a time.


Met East Region


Draw & Results

Met North Region


Draw & Results

Met West Region


Draw & Results

Met South-West Region


Draw & Results

Inter-Region Finals


Draw & Results



Please check these messages regularly during the course of the competition. (The most recent messages are at the top.)

[14 May]:  Changes have been made to Met North Region's Junior Division JN3 and Met West Region's Intermediate Division IW2.

[9 May]:  A change has been made to Met East Region's Junior Division JE3.

[8 May]:  In Met West Region the two Senior divisions, SW1 and SW2, have been combined into one division.

[7 May]:  The Met South-West Region's printable version of the  draw ("Draw only") has been changed to correct the date for Round 10.

[6 May]:  Changes have been made to Met East Region's Intermediate Division IE2, Met North Region's Intermediate Division IN6 and Met West Region's Junior Division JW4.

[2 May]:  The competition material (booklets, printable version of the draw, result cards, etc.) have been posted to schools.

[30 April]:  The draw for Met South-West Region is now available.

[27 April]:  The draws for Met East, Met North and Met West Regions are now available. (The draw for Met South-West Region should be available soon.)

Rationale Behind the Draw

Within each grade, teams have been allocated to divisions based on:

  school location (to minimise travel);

  separation of teams from the same school into different divisions (unless travel would be excessive);

  balancing into parallel divisions of approximately equal strength (assuming that most schools with multiple teams rank them with A as their strongest team, etc.);

  other factors to help satisfy schools' requests and preferences, where possible.