Primary Schools Competition
Entry Details 2017



The invitation and entry form are posted at the beginning of first term to all primary schools (except those in remote parts of the state where participation is unlikely to be viable).

Click on the links in the table below to:

  • View the invitation or entry form by downloading them as PDF documents (which may then be printed if desired); or

  • Enter online.


NSW (except Hunter Region)

Hunter Region

 Invitation 2017 View/Download
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(3 pages)
 Entry Form 2017 View/Download
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Enter Online

Enter Online

Entry Closing Date

Wednesday 22 March 2017 * Wednesday 15 March 2017 *

Primary Schools Coordinator:
Richard Gastineau-Hills

phone (02) 9498 2760

Hunter Region Coordinators:
Dorothy and Allan Wright
phone (02) 4957 1486



*   However, in areas where the competition is being held on one day (rather than in weekly home-and-away format) and has not yet taken place late entries may be accepted if there are places available.