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The COVID restrictions announced just before Christmas include a limit on the number of people permitted in indoor venues. If we receive more entries than can be accommodated preference for the championship events (NSW Girls and NSW Junior) will be given to the stronger players (based on ratings), while for the other events preference will be given to early entries. To maximise the number of players we shall not be able to admit spectators (parents, etc.).


Sydney Summer One-Day Tournament *   Thursday 6 January

Orange Summer Tournament                         Saturday 8 January

Central Coast Summer Tournament             Monday 10 January

Sydney Summer Two-Day Tournament *   Wednesday-Thursday 12-13 January

NSW Girls Championships *
 [deferred 2021 Championships]#

      Under 18 and Under 12                                       Wednesday-Thursday 12-13 January

NSW Junior Championships *
      [deferred 2021 Championships] #

      Under 18                                                                Monday-Friday 17-21 January
      Under 12
Wednesday-Friday 19-21 January

Wollongong Summer Tournament                 Sunday 27 February

*  Please enter in advance as late entrants may incur late fees and may miss the first round.

#  Note the eligibility dates for the deferred championships - players must be under the age specified (Under 18 or Under 12) as on the day on which the championships were originally scheduled to start:
    NSW Girls Under 18 and Under 12:   23 September 2021
    NSW Junior Under 18 and Under 12:   5 July 2021


School Holiday Events throughout the year

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