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Sydney Summer One-Day Tournament *   Thursday 7 January 2021

NOTE (Summer One-Day and Two-Day Tournaments):
The number of entries already received for these tournaments has reached the limit allowed for the venue under the government's COVID-19 restrictions. Subsequent entries will be added to a waiting list and may be accepted if the restrictions are relaxed or other entrants decide not to play.

Mingara Summer Tournament                      Tuesday 12 January 2021

Sydney Summer Two-Day Tournament *   Wednesday-Thursday 13-14 January 2021

See NOTE above.

NSW Girls Championships *
 [deferred 2020 Championships]#

      Under 18 and Under 12                                     Wednesday-Thursday 13-14 January 2021

NSW Junior Championships *
      [deferred 2020 Championships] #

      Under 18                                                             Monday-Friday 18-22 January 2021
      Under 12
Wednesday-Friday 20-22 January 2021   

Orange Summer Tournament                        (unlikely to be held this summer)

Wollongong Summer Tournament               Sunday 28 February 2021

*  Please enter in advance as late entrants may incur late fees and may miss the first round.
Note that entries may be limited due to COVID-19 restrictions (for details see under the particular tournaments).

#  Note the eligibility dates for the deferred championships - players must be Under 18 (or Under 12) as on the day on which the championships were originally scheduled to start:
    NSW Girls Under 18 and 12:   1 October 2020
    NSW Junior Under 18:   13 July 2020
    NSW Junior Under 12:   15 July 2020

School Holiday Events throughout the year

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