Wednesday 9 January 2019


Thursday-Friday 24-25 January 2019

The One-Day and Two-Day tournaments are intended for all levels of players, especially those who might not be ready to play at the slower time limits and higher standards expected in our more serious tournaments, such as the NSW Junior Championships (held in winter) or the City of Sydney Junior Championships (held in Spring).

Format:  Each tournament will be run in one open section suitable for all ages (under 18). You play all rounds (it is not a knock-out) and you play someone with a similar score to yours. This means that after the first round or two you will be meeting players of approximately the same ability as yours.

Eligibility:  Players must be members of the NSW Junior Chess League and aged under 18 as on the first day of the tournament.
For membership details click HERE. Please note that membership renewals are due at the beginning of January (if you have already paid your membership fee for this year, please don't pay again!).

Venue:  North Ryde Community Centre, 201 Coxs Road, North Ryde (between Lane Cove Road and Wicks Road). For a map click MAP.

By train: 1.3km (16 minutes' walk) from Macquarie Park Railway Station [use East exit from station, turn left at top of escalators and proceed south-west along Lane Cove Road, then turn left into Coxs Road].

By bus: For bus details see MAP.

By car: park in Coxs Road or in carpark opposite or in nearby streets.

NOTE:  Due to a double booking at our usual North Ryde venue the second day of the Two-Day Tournament (Friday 25 January) will be held at the Ryde Civic Hall, 1 Devlin Street, Ryde. This is between the Ryde Civic Centre (a tall landmark building at Top Ryde) and the southern pedestrian bridge over Devlin Street.

Parking: There is no vehicle access to the hall directly from Devlin Street. However, parking is available behind the hall this can be accessed from section of Blaxland Road which can only be reached via Parkes Street (see map). Note that this part of Blaxland Road is blocked off from the more northern part of Blaxland Road that runs between Devlin Street and Epping.

Parking is also available in the Top Ryde Shopping Centre's underground car park (which can be entered from either side of Devlin Street).

Public Transport: Bus Routes 458, 459, 500, 501, 507, 510, 515, 518, 520, 533, 534 and L20 from various locations around Sydney all stop in Devlin Street. 

Phone: 0403 962 442 (emergency only).

Canteen: available for lunch and light refreshments.

Time:  Registration 9 a.m. on the first day of each tournament.  Play starts at 9.30 a.m. and finishes approximately 3.30 p.m.  Participants must leave or be collected from the venue by 4 p.m.

Number of Rounds:  One-Day: at least 7 rounds;  Two-Day: at least 9 rounds (over the two days).

Time Limits:  One-Day: 15 minutes per player per game;  Two-Day: 30 minutes per player per game.
Players unfamiliar with chess clocks will be given guidance and practice before play starts.

Recording of Moves:  Not required, but encouraged in the Two-Day Tournament..

Prizes:  There will be trophies for the first three places and the highest placed girl plus some age awards.

Entry Fees:  One-Day: $20;  Two-Day: $35;  (plus late fees if applicable see below)

Entry Deadline:  two days before the tournament.

Because late entries and late payments have been delaying the start of tournaments we have been forced to strictly enforce entry deadlines and late fees.

Late Fees: 
   Late Payment Fee ($10 per family) for entries received, but not paid, by the entry deadline
   Late Entry Fee ($20 per family) for entries neither received nor paid by the entry deadline

Late entries and late payments delay the start of tournaments please enter (and pay) beforehand.  If necessary, late entries will be processed after play starts and late entrants (and latecomers even if already entered) will miss the first round.Please note that although online entries reach us immediately, internet banking payments can take a few days (depending on the bank) and postal deliveries can take from two to five days with Australia Post's new (slower) delivery times introduced this year.

Entries:  Entries must be made by one of the following methods:

(1)  online via our website (see online entry), or                      [(1) or (2) are preferred]

(2)  by post (see entry form), or

(3)  by email (Eunice Koh,,  or  

(4)  by phone (Richard Gastineau-Hills, 9498 2760)

Payment may be either:

   by internet banking (or direct deposit at any branch of the Commonwealth Bank)

     see under online entry for banking details, or

   by post with entry form to NSW Junior Chess League, 2 Northcote Avenue, Killara NSW 2071

     make cheque payable to NSW Junior Chess League and write player's name on reverse.

Enquiries:  Eunice Koh, email, or Richard Gastineau-Hills, phone 9498 2760.