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 Sydney Summer Tournaments *

*  Please enter in advance as late entrants may incur late fees and may miss the first round

      One-Day Tournament                               Wednesday 9 January 2019

      Two-Day Tournament                               Thursday-Friday 24-25 January 2019

NOTE:  Due to a double booking at our usual North Ryde venue the second day of the Two-Day Tournament (Friday 25 January) will be held at the Ryde Civic Hall, 1 Devlin Street, Ryde. This is between the Ryde Civic Centre (a tall landmark building at Top Ryde) and the southern pedestrian bridge over Devlin Street.

Parking: There is no vehicle access to the hall directly from Devlin Street. However, parking is available behind the hall this can be accessed from section of Blaxland Road which can only be reached via Parkes Street (see map). Note that this part of Blaxland Road is blocked off from the more northern part of Blaxland Road that runs between Devlin Street and Epping.

Parking is also available in the Top Ryde Shopping Centre's underground car park (which can be entered from either side of Devlin Street).

Public Transport: Bus Routes 458, 459, 500, 501, 507, 510, 515, 518, 520, 533, 534 and L20 from various locations around Sydney all stop in Devlin Street.

Australian Junior Championships        Monday 14 - Tuesday 22 January 2019

      (to be held in Sydney)

Orange Summer Tournament                 Thursday 24 January 2019

Wollongong Summer Tournament       Sunday 24 February 2019

School Holiday Events throughout the year

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