NSWJCL Recommended Chess Servers


1. The following sites are external sites. The NSWJCL does not have any affiliation with any of the websites listed - we are not responsible for any problems encountered.
2. Parents should be wary of users on some of the chess servers. A small minority of users may use obscene language and you should be careful and monitor what messages your children see.

There are two types of online chess servers - client based servers and web based servers.

Client-Based Servers Client-based servers require a secondary download. This is a small program (known as a client) which connects to the chess server and allows you to play games, meet other chess players, etc on it.
Web-Based Servers Web-based servers also usually require a download, but it is a program which should already be downloaded to view other interactive websites. For example, Yahoo chess requires Java, which most home computers should already have.

Please contact me at mlip@sydneychesscollege.com if there are any mistakes or new servers you would like me to add to this list.