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   4-6      Wed-Fri  Sydney Summer Three-Day Tournament - (North Ryde)
   11       Wednesday  Sydney Summer One-Day Tournament - (North Ryde)
   14-22  Sat-Sun  Australian Junior Championships - (Brisbane)
   18-19  Wed-Thurs  Sydney Summer Two-Day Tournament - (North Ryde)
   19       Thursday  Orange Summer Tournament - (Orange)
   25       Wednesday  Western Riverina Summer Tournament - (Griffith)
   26       Sunday  Wollongong Summer Tournament - (Fairy Meadow)
   19       Sunday  Newcastle Autumn Tournament - (Broadmeadow)
   11       Tuesday  Holiday Coaching Clinic - (North Ryde)
   12       Wednesday  Sydney Autumn One-Day Tournament - (North Ryde)
   19-20  Wed-Thurs  Sydney Autumn Two-Day Tournament - (North Ryde)
   19       Wednesday  NSWJCL Annual General Meeting - (North Ryde) - approximately 2 p.m.
   20       Thursday  Orange Autumn Tournament - (Orange)
   6         Friday  Primary Schools Competition commences
   6         Friday  Metropolitan Secondary Schools Competition commences
   (tba)    Sunday  Newcastle May Tournament - (Broadmeadow)
   28       Sunday  Wollongong Autumn Tournament - (Fairy Meadow)
   4         Tuesday
 Holiday Coaching Clinic - (North Ryde)
   5         Wednesday  Sydney Winter One-Day Tournament - (North Ryde)
   6-7      Thurs-Fri  Sydney Winter Two-Day Tournament - (North Ryde)
   10-14  Mon-Fri  NSW Junior Championship (Under 18) - (North Ryde)
   12-14  Wed-Fri  NSW Junior Championship (Under 12) - (North Ryde)
   13       Thursday  Orange Winter Tournament - (Orange)
   (to be advised)  Western Riverina Autumn Tournament - (Griffith)
   (tba)    Sunday  Newcastle Winter Tournament - (Broadmeadow)
   27       Sunday  Wollongong Winter Tournament - (Fairy Meadow)
   (tba)    Sunday  Secondary Schools One-Day Tournament - (North Sydney)
   26       Tuesday
 Holiday Coaching Clinic - (North Ryde)
   27       Wednesday
 Sydney Spring One-Day Tournament - (North Ryde)
   28-29  Thurs-Fri  Sydney Spring Two-Day Tournament - (North Ryde)
   28-29  Thurs-Fri  NSW Girls Championships (Under 18 and Under 12) - (North Ryde)
   4-6      Wed-Fri  City of Sydney Junior Championships (Under 18, Under 15 and Under 12) - (North Ryde)
   5         Thursday  Orange Spring Tournament - (Orange)
 incorporating the NSW Country Junior Championships - Western Qualifier
   (to be advised)  Western Riverina Spring Tournament - (Griffith)
   12       Sunday  Wollongong Spring Tournament - (Fairy Meadow)
   (to be advised)  NSW Country Secondary Schools Competition Finals - (Parramatta)
   (tba)    Sunday  NSW Country Junior Championships - Southern Qualifier - (invitation)
   26       Sunday  Primary Schools One-Day NSW Finals - (North Sydney)
   (tba)    Sunday  NSW Country Junior Championships - Northern Qualifier - (Broadmeadow)
   10       Sunday  NSW Country Junior Championships - Finals - (Parramatta)


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