NSWJCL Coaching
at Australian Junior Championships 2008


The NSW Junior Chess League will be conducting the 2008 Australian Junior Championships at Cranbrook School, Bellevue Hill, from Sunday 13 January to Friday 25 January 2008

Details are now available on our website click HERE.

The NSWJCL will as usual be arranging expert coaching for NSW players at the Australian Junior Championships and, to help our planning for this, we need to know who is likely to be participating. If you are a NSW player who is interested in competing in this event, and particularly if you wish to be coached by one of our coaches, please let us know now as soon as possible (no later than Saturday 13 October) so that we can put you on our mailing list and keep you informed as details are finalised. To register your interest, please email the following details to ajcc_nsw@yahoo.com.au – your name, date of birth, contact phone number and email address (and also your parents’ names if you would prefer them to make arrangements for you). 

We expect a large number of NSW players will be competing in this event and it is therefore important that arrangements be made well in advance. In the past some of our players missed out on coaching because they applied too late.